We have a policy across our company that we want to help as many people with their finances as possible. This means that we have put our heads together and come up with this website which we hope will help to provide a solution. We want to provide as many people as possible with help to manage their money more easily. We know that this is not really simple, but we hope that if we can teach people some of the basics about money, that they will be able to start having a better understanding about money. We hope that this will lead to them changing some habits and improving their situation and also wanting to make more changes which will further improve things. We also hope that they will want to then learn ore so that they can make even more improvements and build on this so that they feel fully confident with money and make all of the right decisions with regards to it. There will still be lots of learning to do, but we hope this information will be a helpful start and then will lead onto more investigating and more learning so that confidence grows and grows.