Is Fast Fashion Good Value for Money?

Fast fashion is where you buy cheap clothing because it will not stay in fashion for long and then only wear it for one season before ditching it and buying the next fashion. It is cheap and therefore a lot of people think that it offers good value for money but it is worth thinking about whether it really is.

Compare with Clothing that Lasts

It is a good idea to compare the cost of fast fashion with clothing that lasts longer. You will normally have to pay more money for clothes that last, but it is worth considering whether this might be a good idea for you. It means that you will get better value for money form those outfits if they last significantly longer. For example, if you buy a few new outfits a season and they last only one season then work out how much they cost you. Then think about what you would pay if you bought similar outfits in a more classic style in better quality fabrics that would last longer. Paying a bit more money – perhaps even twice as much can be really worthwhile if that outfit lasts you more than twice as long. Of course, you will need to find extra money to start with, but that could be okay if you save up a bit as you will know that it is worth spending the extra.

Can you Buy Classic Styles Which Last?

You will need to think about the types of clothing that you are buying. You need to buy things that will last with regards to how they look as well as the quality. For example, if you buy something that is right on trend, you could find that it will soon go out of fashion and you may not want to wear it again because no one else is wearing that sort of thing anymore. However, if you buy something n a more classic style then it can last better. This might sound like you have to buy something really old fashioned, but this is not the case at all. Items like jeans, t-shirts and things like this tend to come in certain cuts which will work across many years and they will still look fairly trendy, although not right up to date. Think about whether it is worth abandoning the latest clothes so that you can have items that last well.

Consider if you Change Size

It can be a good idea to consider whether you are likely to change size when you buy expensive clothing. Parents are often very careful with children to make sure that they have cheaper clothes because they know that they will grow out of them. With some adults their sizes will change a lot too. Obviously not normally height wise but some will change weight, perhaps getting nigger and smaller a lot. Some people stay a more consistent weight though. You will need to judge yourself what sort of sizes of clothing it is worth you spending more money on depending on what you think your size will be. If you go up and down between certain sizes then you might know what range to buy clothes in but it will depend on your own experiences. It might be good to get things that can be altered or that will fit you are different sizes to allow for this, if you think that it could be a problem. Otherwise it might perhaps be better to buy cheaper things, especially if you think you are not likely to stay at the size you are at for long.

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