Ways to Pay Less When Shopping Online

Many more of us are shopping online these days and this means that it could be the case that we are spending more money than normal. There are different temptations and costs when shopping online and it is a good idea to be aware of these, so that you can be careful to make sure that you are not paying more than necessary.

Postage Costs

We all know about postage costs when buying online but it is still really easy to not check how much they will be before we start putting things in our basket. Once we see the postage costs, it is likely that we are already committed to buying these items and this means that we will probably end up paying it even if we think that it is too much. Therefore, checking first could be a good idea. It might mean that we will decide to shop elsewhere or put less in our basket to allow for that additional cost.

Returns Costs

When we buy items online we are protected as consumers and this means that we get three weeks to return items and get our money back. The item does not have to be faulty. This means that we can order all sorts of things and look at them before we decide whether we would like to return them. This can be very convenient as it means that we will be able to try on clothing when we are at home and not have to queue up in store to do it. However, returning items is not free in many cases. You have to pay the return postage which could really add up. In some cases you may feel it is well worth it if you save a significant amount of money on travel and parking by not visiting the shop, but do make sure you are aware of how much it is and carefully consider it before you buy anything.

Free Postage

The free postage offered by some companies can be a problem. If postage is free and always free that is okay, but the cost of postage will be incorporated into the items you buy so they might be more expensive. Some places charge separate postage and you always have to pay it. Others will offer free postage once you buy over a certain amount. This can be a problem as you may end up spending extra just to get free postage. If postage is £5, for example and you spend £10 to get free postage then you have actually spent £5 more than you would have done had you paid postage and probably bought something you do not need. If postage is £5 and you have 50p left to spend before getting free postage and you find an items to buy for 50p. Then you will have saved £4.50 so that is worth doing even if you do not need the item.

Worldwide Buying Opportunity

Buying online gives you the opportunity to shop from many shops across the whole world. This means that you have the opportunity to buy lots more items than you would if you just went to your high street. This can lead to lots of temptation to buy lots of extra things than you normally would. While having a big choice is great and being able to compare prices across a lot of retailers can mean that you pay less, you do need to be so careful that you do not end up spending lots and lots of money. It can be wise to set a budget before you start shopping online. 

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